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Archive for : February, 2011

First Potato Harvest

Well I wanted to wait another 3 weeks to harvest the potato grow bags but the plants in this bag “died” back yesterday. I thought they were just wilted from the heat so I watered them, but alas still dying today. Harvesting Grow Bag Potatoes I got a large storage

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Save the Herbs

Growing your own food is only one step towards becoming a prepper. Now you have food, but how do you make it last? What meals can you create with this stored food? Dehydrating is a great way to save your beautiful food for long term storage! Get a good dehydrator

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Resist Monoculture!

What is Monoculture? Hey Preppers, Monoculture is when only one strain of a particular crop is used universally. This is commonly done in many places, but is, in my humble opinion, a bad idea! Why is Monoculture a Bad Idea? In India a few years ago, the rice crop was

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Yummy Compost or Delicious Humus??

What is Humus? So what is humus? At first I thought it was a liquid you could pour into your soil. A sort of “compost tea”. It is a very confusing world. As I now understand it, humus is the “final” breakdown of compost into the end stage of organic

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Secrets of Healthy Soil

The Importance of Mycorrhizae Research over the years has supported the fact that cultivated or landscaped soils throughout America lack the benefit of microorganisims that are associated with helping the root system of plants. What does this mean?? Well it means we have been dumping CHEMICALS into our land that

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Sterile, Disinfected and Clean

Medical Terminology 101 You’ve heard the above terms when it comes to your medical supplies, but what do they really mean? Sterile means that an instrument has been made completely free of any microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungal spores) by some chemical or physical process. Disinfected means that the item has

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