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Video: Organic Container Tomatoes


You may know that Nurse Amy and I write about survival medicine, but did you know that we are avid vegetable and medicinal herb gardeners? Here’s Nurse Amy’s video on how to grow healthy tomatoes organically in containers: Wishing you the best of health in good times OR bad, Amy

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Survival Medicine Hour: Secret Greenhouse of Survival

In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy welcome back Rick Austin, the survivalist gardener, who has just put out his new book “Secret Greenhouse of Survival”.  Nurse Amy conducts an in-depth and entertaining interview with Rick and touches about topics that

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What “Organic” Really Means

As crisis medicine professionals, we usually discuss issues like bleeding wounds and broken bones, but preventative measures are the cornerstone to maintaining your family’s health in good times or bad. One of the main ways to be successful in this goal is assuring good nutrition. Therefore, we will devote this

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Don’t Skimp On The Cranberries

Did you miss having cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving? Well, that’s okay, because there’s always cranberry juice; heck, it might even be part of your trail mix when you go hiking.  You might wonder why I, a physician, am interested in your cranberry consumption, but it’s simple:  Cranberries are good for

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Real German Potato Salad! By Nurse Amy

    My Mom was half German, and my Dad is also half German (although most of my ancestors have been here since the 1700’s to early 1600’s)  so I grew up with a version of potato salad most Americans do not understand. It is based on a vinegar dressing

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Survival Gardening Tips

Spring is upon us! Let the gardening begin! Starting a survival garden is one of the crucial steps towards preparedness success. The only way to gain this skill is to start in normal times before you need the food you grow to survive.  Get through the learning curve now, and

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The Medicinal Garden

(Dr. Bones says: We are obliged to say that essential oils are not proven treatments, according to the FDA, for medical conditions or illnesses)   We spend a lot of time discussing how to accumulate medical supplies for times of trouble.  Despite your best efforts, however, you may find yourself

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How to Grow Horseradish by Nurse Amy

Hi All!   Here is a new video I made about how to grow horseradish! So easy and so delicious!   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RqvC4l8m7Y   I hope you enjoy it, please subscribe to our youtube channel to get info about new videos…   Happy New Year!! Nurse Amy Print Post

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All About Essential Oils

  As a medical doctor/registered nurse practitioner team, we received conventional medical training at university hospitals while getting our degrees.  Since that time, however, we have explored various alternative methods of healing; this is not to replace our education, but as a supplement and as an additional tool in the

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Successful Container Gardening: Getting Started

                                                                                            Potatoes in grow bags Hey Prepper Nation, Someone asked me recently why I’m so interested in container and raised bed gardening when I could just put our plants in the ground. Well, my answer is that our soil in South Florida is less than conducive to growing vegetables successfully.  

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