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Valley Fever


We travel a lot. A LOT. I can’t imagine the miles we logged as we traveled through the country (and this year, Europe!) speaking to the preparedness community about medical issues.  Well, recently, we returned from Arizona with a peculiar cough and mildly elevated temperatures. Nurse Amy was worse than

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911 Emergency Apps


This is the 500th post we’ve written related to medical preparedness. It’s interesting that some of the things we discuss in this article, like smartphone apps, were in their infancy when we first began our mission to put a medically self-reliant person in every family. Please accept our thanks for

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EBOLA: The Next Pandemic?


EBOLA: THE NEXT PANDEMIC? West Africa is reporting its first epidemic of Ebola virus in the country of Guinea, and it looks like it’s spreading fast.  At least 86 cases and 59 deaths have been attributed to the deadly disease, with cases now being reported in the neighboring countries of

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Mudslide Survival


With the grim news of at least 14 dead in the mudslide that occurred in the state of Washington, I realized that I had never written about mudslide survival.  This surprised me, as I, myself, could easily be a victim of one.  We’re part-time residents of beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee, with

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Wound Infections


Infected Wounds As a physician, I have on occasion dealt with infected wounds, sometimes from injury and also after surgical procedures. In a survival setting, most wounds will be contaminated with debris, dirt, and bacteria.  Therefore, anyone who will be medically responsible after a disaster occurs may expect to deal

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3 Steps to Achieving Health Goals

Well, it’s March, almost Spring.  Have you kept true to your New Year’s Resolutions?  It’s only been a couple of months, but I’ll bet a lot of those lofty resolutions have hit the dirt; you’re only human, after all. Everyone has made a New Year’s resolution at one point or

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The Medic Under Fire


“I am dying.” This was the tweet posted by Oleysa Zhukovskaya, a 21 year old woman who volunteered to function as a medic during the recent Ukrainian protests. Police snipers were targeting medics (marked with red crosses) and journalists; Zhukovskaya was struck in the neck by a bullet. Seeing this

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How To Remove Ear Wax


Some of our readers have asked me in the past about how to deal with ear wax, but I haven’t put up a post about it until now (could I not have been listening, or do I have too much ear wax myself?). Let’s clear up a common misunderstanding about

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5 Things To Know About Pandemics

5 Things To Know About Pandemics   We were recently interviewed by our good friend Denob, host of The Canadian Prepper Podcast and  www.preparedcanadian.com.  Although the talk ranged on a wide variety of topics, Denob asked me 5 very relevant questions about pandemics, especially influenza. Here’s a link to the

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Guide to Survival Medical Supplies

We’ve fielded a lot of questions over the years from people who want to become medically prepared, but aren’t sure what supplies to stockpile or how to use them.  Finally, we got off our duff and put together a narrated DVD presentation about all the different medical supplies that will

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