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I’ve been writing a lot about epidemics lately, including Ebola, EnterovirusD68, and others. I talk about immunity issues a lot in my articles, but I haven’t really explained what it is in much detail. In this article, I hope to give you a working knowledge of it and the various

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13 Foods That Can Help Diabetics


One of the most-frequently asked questions I get regarding medical preparedness is about diabetes. Insulin, as it come in liquid for, doesn’t maintain its potency after its expiration dates very well. This is all well and good in normal times, but what about survival settings where the pharmaceuticals just aren’t

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Medical Supplies, Part 4: Open/Bleeding Wounds


The injury that most non-professionals are most fearful of is the open, often bleeding, wound. With the right supplies, however, even heavy bleeding can be staunched successfully. A discussion of the procedure for stopping hemorrhage in a wound can be found in some of our other articles; this article will

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Enterovirus 68

The Doctor exhibited 1891 by Sir Luke Fildes 1843-1927

(Update: 10 states are investigating outbreaks of respiratory disease in children, including one that has hospitalized 400-500 kids in Denver, Colorado)   There is currently an outbreak of a virus called Enterovirus 68 in the Kansas City area. This is one of those viruses that, sadly, strikes children in a

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Medical Supplies, Part 3: Orthopedic Injuries


Few of us, even the couch potatoes, have managed to avoid the occasional sprain or strain. In disaster situations where we are exerting ourselves just to stay alive, these will be more common. The risk of fractures also looms as a very real possibility in times of civil unrest or

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Ebola as Biological Weapon?


With Ebola in the news, there are some that have pointed out the possibility that some nations may attempt to weaponize the virus. This is a concern that deserves discussion, so let’s talk about something that few consider a likely cause of a collapse scenario: biological warfare.   Biological warfare

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Pandemic Supplies

pandemic kit (640x494)

The world is full of infectious diseases that have made the news in recent weeks. From the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa to the diseases crossing the U.S. in the recent immigrant crisis, there are all sorts of reasons to be concerned about your family’s safety.  The response, however,

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Ebola: The Next Great Pandemic?

ebola patient

  EBOLA: THE NEXT GREAT PANDEMIC? (This article is meant to combine and update information in some previous articles on this website.) Several countries in West Africa are in the throes of an epidemic of Ebola virus. Over 1700 cases and  932 deaths in the countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone,

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A Cure For Ebola?


  I’ve devoted a good deal of time investigating the Ebola virus and, like many other viruses, found little in the way of a practical cure or even treatment for the disease. Ebola has taken the lives of 900 people in West African Countries and is a suspect for a

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Video: Ebola with Dr. Bones

ebola workers

We put together a video about the Ebola virus to accompany our “Ebola Update” articles and other recent posts.  It’s important to know about this deadly disease that has killed 729 people in the current outbreak. The death of Patrick Sawyer in Nigeria during his journey back to his family

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