Doom and Bloom Hour Live June 16, 2012 Medical Supplies and Wound Care


Hey Preppers!


After a few weeks on the road in Colorado Springs, Houston and Atlanta we are back LIVE on the preparedness radio network for our show at 9pm Eastern! Tonight we will have a ton of medical information about what you should have in your medical prep storage. We also plan to cover wound care and closure methods. Don’t miss a show loaded with medical preparedness information, and have your pen and paper ready in case you want to take somes notes.


Here is the link:



Nurse Amy

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2 Responses to “Doom and Bloom Hour Live June 16, 2012 Medical Supplies and Wound Care”

  1. Beenpop1 says:

    I want to know a source for stockpiling antibiotics. I would appreciate your sources….Thank you

    • Dr Bones says:


      We don’t recommend specific sources, although there are a number of U.S. companies that sell them online. Just Google the antibiotic you’re interested in with the word “aquatic” or “aquarium” and you’ll find an aquarium equivalent in most cases on sale at multiple sites. For our article on “fish antibiotics in a collapse”, use the search engine on the upper right hand of the main page of this website. These medications for are accumulation in the event of a disaster that renders modern medical care non-existent.

      Dr. Bones

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