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 Medical Classes

This page will be updated with our latest survival medical classes and training show schedule. Be sure to read below for our course descriptions.

We offer several different courses in survival medicine including suture/stapling classes and our NEW Medical Training Classes. Feel free to visit our booth at the events we’re attending, we would love to meet folks and answer any questions you might have!!

If you have an event you would like to invite us to attend, please contact us at DrBonesClass at aol. Thanks!

-Nurse Amy

Complete Wound Care Class Description:

Learn how to provide complete wound care with hands-on suture training, as well as stapling with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, medical preparedness experts from DoomandBloom.Net. Using a pig’s foot, they’ll show you how to assess a wound, apply antiseptic, insert the sutures, tie a proper instrument knot, cut the extra sutures and learn how to space the sutures for proper wound closure. Also, know how & when to use staples and, most importantly, learn when NOT to close a wound. Wound care is also discussed in detail! This course is designed for the non-medical professional and those medical personnel without suturing knowledge.

Sign up early as seating is limited to 20-28 students per class. All Complete Wound Care with Suture/stapling classes are $79 each student.

Includes: 1 pig’s foot, 3 instrument suture kit, nitrile gloves, two 2-0 nylon sutures, and betadine wipes. A special laminated instruction sheet and an additional upgraded instrument is your gift for attendance.

Advanced 8 hour Medical Survival Class Description:

This course is designed to impart medical training class education (combined with some hands-on skills) to non-medical professionals. The class is about 8 hours long and tuition is $249. Drinks, snacks and lunch is included.

It includes medical training in:

  • Patient history and physical exams
  • Management of hemorrhagic wounds
  • Burn management
  • Wound management
  • Mass casualty triage
  • Respiratory/GI infections
  • Complete Wound Care including: suturing and stapling hands-0n with pig’s feet

You will receive the following equipment for attending:

  • 1 blood pressure cuff
  • 1 stethoscope
  • 1 suture kit
  • 1 staple kit
  • 1 Israeli battle dressing
  • And more!

2015 Appearances and Class Schedules


July 19, 2015 Sunday at 10:30 AM
Hampton Convention Center
1610 Coliseum Dr, Hampton, VA 23666
Complete Wound Care Suture/Stapling Class, 3 HOUR class
$79.00 per student spaces limited
To sign up click this link :
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