Popular Mechanics Home Safety Prep Show, with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Hey Preppers,

We’re going to be speaking at the Arkansas  Home Safety Prep Show on 3/24 in Springdale, Arkansas, right in the middle of Tornado Alley, about disaster medicine, and we’ll also have a booth where you can ask questions, get books, dvds, and medical supplies or throw rotten tomatoes, whatever you feel like.  The event is being put on by Popular Mechanics and we’re going to have some big names there that you might recognize:

  • Colby Donaldson
    Survivor finalist, host of Top Shot on History Channel
  • Chris Grundy
    Host of Cool Tools on the DIY Network
  • Mykel Hawke
    Star of Man, Woman, Wild and One Man Army on Discovery.
  • Drew Michaels
    Chief Meteorologist at 4029 News, Arkansas

Other than that, Survival Mom will also be giving a talk, and our good friends Doctor Prepper and the Berkey Guy will be exhibiting.  Feel free to come on down and say hi if you’re in the area this Saturday, March 24, from  11 am – 4 pm. You can get a discounted rate on tickets if you buy online by using the code “drbones”!  See you there!

Dr. Bones

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2 Responses to “Popular Mechanics Home Safety Prep Show, with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy”

  1. 3Eagles says:

    Kind Sir and Lady;
    My wife and I would have enjoyed being at the show.  We found the notification screen very late on the 23 of Mar and as there was no way to drive 8 to 10 hours and then be at the show, we felt the notification was a little tardy.  We really would have liked to speak with you about …..   Anyway, thanks for the warning.  


  2. Chad Barbry says:

     Aww..   just heard about this in your podcast.  Sorry I missed it, but hopefully I can make it next year.

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