Suture and Staple Class Schedule 2013

Learn how to suture with Dr Bones and Nurse Amy from www.DoomandBloom.Net. Using a pig’s foot, they’ll show you how to assess a wound, apply antiseptic, insert the sutures, tie a proper instrument knot, cut the extra sutures and learn how to space the sutures for proper wound closure. Also, know how & when to use staples and learn when NOT to close a wound. Wound care is also discussed in detail! This course is designed for the non-medical professional and those medical personnel without suturing knowledge.


 Sign up early as seating is limited to 20-24 students per class.
Includes: 1 pig’s foot, 3 instrument suture kit, nitrile gloves, two 2-0 nylon sutures, and betadine wipes.

**This is for practice and educational purposes only. Always seek modern and standard medical attention whenever, and wherever, it is available.
Cost: $65
April 26 5pm, April 27 9:30am Self Reliance Expo, Arlington TX at the Arlington Convention Center:


CLASS IS FULL: Friday 5 pm Class (Self Reliance Expo Arlington Texas) BELOW:


CLASS IS FULL: Saturday 9:00 AM Class (Self Reliance Expo Arlington TX) BELOW:


June 8th Prepare2Endure Emergency Preparedness Expo in Bakersfield CA, at 4pm BELOW:
June 28 4pm, and June 29th 4pm Midwest Self Reliance Festival in Des Moines Iowa:
June 28th Friday 4pm MSRF BELOW: 

June 29th Saturday 4pm MSRF BELOW:

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