Video: Amoxicillin in Survival

  In his latest video, physician and author Joe Alton, MD, discusses the antibiotic Amoxicillin, its veterinary equivalents, and its applications in survival… 4

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Alternative Antibiotics in Survival

Years ago, I wrote the original article on aquarium antibiotics as an option in a survival setting. Many of the questions that we… 36

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Survival Antibiotics

We were at the recent USA Prepares event in Missouri and many of the questions that we fielded during our time there related… 21

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How To Use Fish-Mox (to treat your sick fish, of course)

  (As the main proponent of aquatic antibiotics as alternatives in times of trouble, I have discussed these medications but do not sell… 25

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Antibiotics And Their Use in Collapse Medicine(tm), Part 1

Hey Prepper Nation, One of the most common questions that I am asked from prospective survival medics is “What antibiotics should I stockpile… 31

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