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Video: Intro to Antibiotics Series


  In this video, Joe Alton, MD, aka Dr. Bones, discusses the importance of having antibiotics in your medical storage to deal with infections in austere settings. This is the first of a series that will discuss various antibiotics, their veterinary equivalents, and their applications for survival situations.   To

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Allergy or Side Effect?

cephalexin west-ward pharma

A medical caregiver has many responsibilities in a disaster. Everyone knows that their duty is to deal with injuries and illness, but few are aware of their obligation as medical archivist; that is, they are responsible for knowing the medical history of the people under their care. Part of that

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Survival Medicine Hour: Antibiotics, Winter Car Survival, More


In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones (Amy Alton, A.R.N.P. and Joe Alton, M.D.), we discuss the issues surrounding survival when stranded in a vehicle during a winter storm, what you should have in your car to stay safe, and more cold weather

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The Avoidable Death

Bacteria rods

(This is an introductory article to an updated series on antibiotics that will be useful in a long-term survival setting. Future articles will discuss these drugs in detail and some natural substances that may have antimicrobial properties. It should be noted that recommendations on this site are meant for post-apocalyptic

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Tom Martin of APN

On this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones interview Tom Martin of the well-known American Preppers Network.  They talk about the concept of community, Tom’s adventures as a trucker and on international travels, and what to do if you’re away from your preps when

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Ingrown Toenails in Tough Times

You may think toenail problems are small stuff, but trying to do the activities of daily survival with an ingrown toenail is a big deal in times of trouble. When you have to be at 110% efficiency, you sure don’t want to have pain every time you take a step.

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Survival Antibiotics

We were at the recent USA Prepares event in Missouri and many of the questions that we fielded during our time there related to the stockpiling of medicines and what each medicine was useful for in times of trouble. There isn’t a 60 second answer to this. Actually, there isn’t

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The Survival Medicine Cabinet: Infections

Recently, Nurse Amy published her (very ambitious) list of medical supplies for the post-SHTF (link provided) caregiver. Here you’ll find a list of useful medications that fight infection. Infectious disease will be more of an issue in hard times, especially in a long-term survival situation. You don’t have to be a

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How To Use Fish-Mox (to treat your sick fish, of course)

  (As the main proponent of aquatic antibiotics as alternatives in times of trouble, I have discussed these medications but do not sell them.  If you are interested in antibiotics to treat your sick fish, consider visiting www.fishmoxfishflex.com, where they have a wide variety of aquatic and avian medication for

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Respiratory Infections: Colds vs. Flus

Even with today’s modern medical technology, most of us can’t avoid the occasional  respiratory infection.  Without strict adherence to sanitary protocol, it would be very easy in a collapse situation for your entire community to come down with colds, sinusitis, influenza or even pneumonia.  Common colds may be caused by

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