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Video: Cholera


In this video by Joe Alton, MD, medical preparedness writer and co-author of “The Survival Medicine Handbook”, he discusses a common past and, in uncertain times, possibly future off-grid epidemic that has reached pandemic status 7 times since the 1800s: Cholera. Learn about this disease and how you can identify,

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dirty water

    Cholera is an infection of the small intestine caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Cholera has been the cause of many epidemics in the past. Even in modern times, millions of cases of cholera are reported every year worldwide, with over 100,000 deaths. There have been 7 cholera

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Videocast: Hemorrhage, Rectal Rehydration, More


Our latest videocast with Around the Cabin continues our discussion about techniques and supplies for dealing with bleeding wounds, plus an old rehydration technique is examined for its usefulness in a long-term survival setting: Rectal Rehydration, otherwise known as Proctoclysis. A little about our winter garden, some news, and more,

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Headache Prevention

In a survival situation, you can bet that you’ll be dealing with a lot of headaches, both metaphorical and physical.  If you ever had to deal with a severe headache, you know how it can affect your work efficiency. In hard times, you’ll have to be at 110% efficiency just

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Headache in Austere Settings

Headaches are one of the most common medical symptoms that you will see in your role as medic.  The brain matter itself doesn’t have pain receptors, but there are several structures around the brain that are sensitive.  Muscles, blood vessels, sinuses, lining tissue, and others can be the site for

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Survival Water: The Elephant in the Room

    By Aaron Pocat of http://72hoursurvival.com (Dr. Bones says:  From time to time, we get articles from aspiring writers in the preparedness community.  This guest post with images comes from Aaron Pocat, aka A-POC, from http://72hoursurvival.com, and it talks about your survival options when it comes to getting drinkable

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Dehydration in Survival Situations

Hey Self-Reliants, Water is the critical component in your body, and 75% of your body weight is composed of it. When the body’s water level goes down, bad things happen. In the Civil War, 80,000 soldiers on both sides perished, not from battle injuries, but from dehydration due to diarrheal

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Doom and Bloom Hour, July 7, 2012 LIVE: Blazing Temperatures, Dehydration, Medical Supplies and More!

        Tonight on the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour, July 7, 2012, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will discuss the current blazing temperatures, dehydration and hyperthermia. Nurse Amy will give a “what’s up” gardening update and continue the Medical Supply series. Please join us at 9pm Eastern/ 8p

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Doom and Bloom(tm) Show #40 – Chance Sanders, Wilderness Skills and Security Expert

Hey Preppers, Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST when Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy welcome Chance Sanders of Dave Canterbury’s Pathfinder School to the Doom and Bloom(tm) Show.  Chance is a former marine who’s an expert at teaching wilderness skills and also teaches about personal and home security. Dr.

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Treating Heat Stroke

So COOL! Environmental Causes of Illness: Heat Stroke Hey Prepper Nation, Many environmental causes of illness are preventable with some planning.  If you are in a hot environment, don’t schedule major outdoor work sessions in the middle of the day.  Provide a canopy or other protection against the sun, and

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