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The Group Medic: Not A One-Trick Pony…

Hey Preppers, If you read my blog, you have probably decided to be the person that will take responsibility for the medical well-being of your loved ones in a collapse.  As a card-carrying member of the Prepper Medical Corps, you have chosen to pick up the flag and work towards

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Thoughts On Patient Transport In Collapse Situations

Crisis Medicine:  Whether to Move a Patient Hey Preppers, As I have mentioned in the past, the main goal of a medic in a survival situation is to transfer the injured or ill person to a modern medical facility.  These facilities will be non-existent in long-term collapse scenarios.  As such,

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Are Preppers Normal?

Preparedness: Facts Vs. Opinion Hey Prepper Nation, Excuse me, sir, may I ask you a question?  Are you normal?  Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it?  There aren’t too many people who think they’re abnormal, are there?   Okay, then, let’s talk about “normal” people.  Normal has several definitions, but we’ll

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Earthquake Preparedness

Hey Preppers, Recently, we talked with our friend James Smith, the Covert Prepper, about recent earthquakes near Lake Mead weren’t reported in the media.  Google “Lake Mead Earthquakes” for more info on this story.  Of course, that raises the questions of why, but for our purposes today, let’s talk about

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10 Years and Counting

09/11 and The Preparedness Community Hey Preppers, The 10 year anniversary of 9/11 is here, and every Prepper should observe a moment of silence in honor of those police, firefighters, EMTs and plain ol’ regular folk who died that day. The events of 9/11 shaped history and continue to affect

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The Buck Stops Here

Know Your Medical Strategies Hey Prepper Nation, Most medical guides are intended to aid you in managing emergency situations in austere and remote locations.  Certainly, modern medical care on an ocean voyage or wilderness hike is not readily available.  Even trips to populated areas of underdeveloped countries may fit this

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