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dirty water

    Cholera is an infection of the small intestine caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. Cholera has been the cause of many epidemics in the past. Even in modern times, millions of cases of cholera are reported every year worldwide, with over 100,000 deaths. There have been 7 cholera

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Survival Medicine Hour: Food,Water,Hand Decontamination, more


In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe and Amy Alton (aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy) discuss things that you can do to prevent infectious diseases from affecting your family in good times OR bad… To listen in, click below: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/survivalmedicine/2014/11/22/survival-medicine-hour-water-food-hand-decontamination Joe and Amy Alton

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Video: SURVIVAL! Solo Play


  We’re excited about the recent arrival of our new board game “Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!“, a great off-grid option to get the whole family around the table and make tough decisions about a real survival scenario. For the lone prepper, it’s a new way to get your gang into

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Pandemic Supplies

pandemic kit (640x494)

The world is full of infectious diseases that have made the news in recent weeks. From the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa to the diseases crossing the U.S. in the recent immigrant crisis, there are all sorts of reasons to be concerned about your family’s safety.  The response, however,

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snakebite ankle with bruising

    Coral Snake In a grid-down scenario, you will find yourself out in the woods a lot more frequently, gathering firewood, hunting, and foraging for edible wild plants.  As such, we will likely encounter a snake or two.  Most snakes aren’t poisonous, but even non-venomous snake bites have potential

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Video: What If It DOESN’T Hit The Fan?


You’ve put together a great plan A, plan B, and plan C, as well as all the supplies you’ll need if a disaster occurs.  That’s a wonderful thing, but what if the you-know-what DOESN’T hit the fan?  What if you’re 100 years old on your deathbed, with your great grandkids

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Casting a Fracture

The diagnosis of a broken bone can be simple, as when the bone is obviously deformed, or difficult, as in a minimal, “hairline” fracture.  X-rays can be helpful to differentiate a small fracture from a severe sprain, but that technology won’t be available in a power-down situation. Fractures in Long

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Suture and Staple Class Schedule 2013

Learn how to suture with Dr Bones and Nurse Amy from www.DoomandBloom.Net. Using a pig’s foot, they’ll show you how to assess a wound, apply antiseptic, insert the sutures, tie a proper instrument knot, cut the extra sutures and learn how to space the sutures for proper wound closure. Also, know

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Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour: GMO Salmon,Sanitation,Valerian

    On today’s show, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will explain what exactly GMO (genetically modified organism) salmon are and their possible effects on our environment.  Dr. Bones discusses emergency sanitation practices for food and water, and the CDC’s plan for the coming “Zombie Apocolypse”.  Nurse Amy will update

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Trauma Module Video

  Hey Preppers, Dr. Bones has decided to scare you out of your wits by actually appearing in his latest YouTube video!  Dr. Bones, aka “The face made for radio”, talks about items useful for treating traumatic injuries by breaking out his own bag and going through the various components. 

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