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When a Person (not a society) Collapses

In our travels, we often speak at preparedness conferences and other events where there a lot of people attending.  If you go to enough of these, you might eventually find yourself in a situation where someone has collapsed and you are at hand. What To Do if a Person Collapses

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How to Predict the Future…

Forcasting the future? A Collapse Situation May Be Closer Than You Think Hey Prepper Nation, I see the way most people are living these days, completely in the present.   They’ve got a few day’s worth of food, maybe a tool kit in a little box, no supplies put away for

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First Aid and Treating Snake Bites Hey Prepper Nation, In a collapse situation, you will find yourself out in the woods a lot more frequently, gathering firewood, hunting,  and foraging for edible wild plants.  As such, we will encounter our all sorts of critters, including that slithery serpent, the snake. 

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