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Video: Intro to Antibiotics Series


  In this video, Joe Alton, MD, aka Dr. Bones, discusses the importance of having antibiotics in your medical storage to deal with infections in austere settings. This is the first of a series that will discuss various antibiotics, their veterinary equivalents, and their applications for survival situations.   To

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The Avoidable Death

Bacteria rods

(This is an introductory article to an updated series on antibiotics that will be useful in a long-term survival setting. Future articles will discuss these drugs in detail and some natural substances that may have antimicrobial properties. It should be noted that recommendations on this site are meant for post-apocalyptic

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Survival Antibiotics

We were at the recent USA Prepares event in Missouri and many of the questions that we fielded during our time there related to the stockpiling of medicines and what each medicine was useful for in times of trouble. There isn’t a 60 second answer to this. Actually, there isn’t

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How To Use Fish-Mox (to treat your sick fish, of course)

  (As the main proponent of aquatic antibiotics as alternatives in times of trouble, I have discussed these medications but do not sell them.  If you are interested in antibiotics to treat your sick fish, consider visiting www.fishmoxfishflex.com, where they have a wide variety of aquatic and avian medication for

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An E-Mail from Patty Prepper

Hey Prepper Nation, We get quite a few excellent emails discussing various preparedness issues and scenarios, but occasionally one is so compelling that it could stand on its own as an article.  Here are a few thoughts and questions by Patty Prepper, and my responses on the topics she touches

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Doom and Bloom Hour #20 with Vickilynn Haycraft on April 7,2012

Tonight on the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour, April 7, 2012 at 9pm EST, we have a fantastic guest, Vickilynn Haycraft a well-known author and host of Get Real- Get Prepared on this network every Saturday at 6pm EST. Dr Bones and Nurse Amy will give you some advice on storing

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The Case for Fish Antibiotics: YouTube Video by Dr. Bones

  Hey Preppers, After writing about this for 2 years, I’ve finally put up a YouTube video on the subject, find it on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhKNZInFvpQ or watch it here: Read my article on the subject on this website at: http://www.doomandbloom.net/fish-antibiotics-in-a-collapse/ Dr. Bones    

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Antibiotics And Their Use in Collapse Medicine(tm), Part 1

Hey Prepper Nation, One of the most common questions that I am asked from prospective survival medics is “What antibiotics should I stockpile and how do I use them?” There isn’t a 60 second answer to this. Actually, there isn’t a 60 MINUTE answer to this, but anyone that is

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