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The Polycultural Garden

Polyculture Garden Polyculture Vs. Monoculture Hey, when we talk about gardening here, we always advise you to choose different varieties of edible plants to grow.   We recommend growing various kinds of, for example, tomatoes so that you can see what type grows best in your area, but also so that

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Container Corn, You Can Do It Too!!

  Nurse Amy’s Container Corn, 14 feet tall!( I’m standing on a ladder!) Hi! I just uploaded a new video on how to grow corn in containers! I hope you will enjoy watching. I explain the soil mix, seed selection, spacing, adding microorganisms and humus for drought tolerance and nutrient

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Modern day Victory Gardens

What is a Victory Garden? Hey Prepper Nation, During WWII, we experienced a number of shortages, and food was one of them.  The government encouraged us to plant Victory Gardens to grow food, supplementing our diet and encouraging self-sufficiency. In all, 20 million gardens were planted!   Today, more and more people

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