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Fats You Should Eat

salmon and bear

After a lifetime of being told not to eat fatty foods, you might be surprised to know that fats (at least some of them) are good for you. The American Heart Association recommends that you get 20-35% of your total caloric intake from fats. Fat is a source of “fatty

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Survival Medicine Podcast: Darren Craddock Interview

  The Survival Medicine Hour, August 24, 2013, with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy brings you an interview with Darren Craddock of Darren shares a wealth of knowledge regarding how our nutrition and wellness are directly related. He gives advice on  how YOU CAN live a longer and healthier

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Questions you should ask your doctor!

Survival Medicine and Medical Conditions Hey Preppers! I often get questions from people that say, I take this medicine or that medicine for this medical problem.  What do I do if there’s a collapse and I can’t get modern medical care, what if help is NOT on the way?  I

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