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Bug Out Bag Medical Kit with Natural Remedies

Bug Out Bag Medical Supplies (in larger size containers)    Medical Preparedness Tip: A Bug Out Bag  A bug out bag can be a life-saving preparation for emergencies, including natural disasters and a collapse situation. Now is the time to gather your supplies and put a plan together. I have

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Natural First Aid Kit Part 2: Essential Oils continued

A few of Nurse Amy’s essential oils Part two of a series on herbal medicine explores some additional essential oils.   Essential Oils and Natural Remedies Nature may, one day, be our pharmacy. Not too long ago our healing medicines came from the land around us. The knowledge of these

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Questions you should ask your doctor!

Survival Medicine and Medical Conditions Hey Preppers! I often get questions from people that say, I take this medicine or that medicine for this medical problem.  What do I do if there’s a collapse and I can’t get modern medical care, what if help is NOT on the way?  I

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