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Survival Medicine Hour: Masks, Measles, Natural Remedies for colds/flus


In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour with Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, the topics include all you need to know about face masks as medical supplies, measles as a survival infection, and natural remedies to deal with respiratory infections. To listen in, click

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Survival Medicine Hour: Flu, Croup, Depression, Birth Control

In this episode of the Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Hour, Joe Alton, M.D., aka Dr. Bones, and Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., aka Nurse Amy, discuss the recent flu outbreak in the U.S., discuss natural remedies, and strategies to deal with childhood “croup”. Dr. Bones discusses the link between zinc deficiency

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Natural Anti-Fungal Treatments

Joseph Alton M.D., aka Dr. Bones, wrote an article recently reviewing Athlete’s foot (and Jock itch), which provided some excellent tips for prevention and treatment options. I wanted to add some additional information with regard to general antifungal treatments focused on natural and herbal treatments that may be useful. In

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Why We Are Wheezing: CO2 And Asthma

Whatever your thoughts on global warming, one disturbing fact recently surfaced: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere have reached a peak level not seen for over 3 million years.CO2 monitoring stations high on the Mauna Loa volcano (Hawaii), run by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), announced the

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Joint Pain, Cosmic Events, Meds for Infections

        On the Doom and Bloom Hour with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, today February 16, 2013, we will review the latest cosmic events and Nurse Amy’s garden update. Dr. Bones discusses important medications you should stock up on for the treatment of infections. Nurse Amy reviews

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Seizures in Survival Scenarios

  Seizures occur when the brain’s electrical system misfires. Instead of sending out signals in a controlled manner, a surge of haphazard energy goes through the brain.  These abnormal signals can cause involuntary muscle contractions, poor control of certain organs, and loss of consciousness.  A person with chronic problems with

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Natural Remedies

    There are many issues that are best handled with the support of the latest technology and modern equipment and facilities.  Sure enough, some of the items I tell you to stock up on are modern equipment  and, indeed, many of these things are indispensable when it comes to

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Natural Remedies for Respiratory Infections

Last time, we talked generally about both upper and lower respiratory infections, respiratory hygiene, and important factors that increase the risk of disease in a survival community.  We also delineated how to tell the difference between colds and influenza. Anti-Viral Medication and Antibiotic In certain cases, anti-viral and/or antibiotic medications may

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Asthma, Part 2: Natural Remedies

  Hey Preppers, Last time, we discussed how to diagnose asthma and what medicines are useful in treatment.  To quickly recap, asthma is a chronic condition that affects your ability to breathe. It affects the airways, which are the tubes that transport air to your lungs. When people with asthma are

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Bug Out Bag Medical Kit with Natural Remedies

Bug Out Bag Medical Supplies (in larger size containers)    Medical Preparedness Tip: A Bug Out Bag  A bug out bag can be a life-saving preparation for emergencies, including natural disasters and a collapse situation. Now is the time to gather your supplies and put a plan together. I have

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