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Survival Medicine Podcast: Darren Craddock Interview

  The Survival Medicine Hour, August 24, 2013, with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy brings you an interview with Darren Craddock of EnerHealthbotanicals.com. Darren shares a wealth of knowledge regarding how our nutrition and wellness are directly related. He gives advice on  how YOU CAN live a longer and healthier

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Doom and Bloom Hour: G Michael Hopf, EMP expert, author “The End

        On the Doom and Bloom ™ Hour tonight we welcome EMP Expert G Michael Hopf, author of “The End, A Post-apocalyptic Novel.  We’ll discuss his book,  the effects of EMPs on a society, and the likely fallout from this type of scenario.  We’ll also talk about

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Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour: GMO Salmon,Sanitation,Valerian

    On today’s show, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will explain what exactly GMO (genetically modified organism) salmon are and their possible effects on our environment.  Dr. Bones discusses emergency sanitation practices for food and water, and the CDC’s plan for the coming “Zombie Apocolypse”.  Nurse Amy will update

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Brushfire Plague, BedBugs, & St John’s Wort

On today’s Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy have the author of Brushfire Plague, R.P. Ruggiero, discuss his book and some valuable lessons we could learn from it. Dr. Bones will cover Bed Bugs in the immediate aftermath of a collapse. Nurse Amy discusses why she has

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Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour #17 3/17/12 with SouthernPrepper1

Please join us for tonight’s show March 17,2012 with our special guest Southern Prepper, featured on Doomsday Preppers, lifelong homesteader, and author of over 175 videos on survival and preparedness. Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will also give you a “what’s happening” update of their own preparedness journey. The live

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Dr Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show #50 – Ed Corcoran

Tonight on our show, October 13th, 2011, we talk about anaphylactic shock, how much land you need to grow food for your family and some natural medical kits items you should have. Our guest tonight is Ed Corcoran from Survivalist Radio podcast, he is the co-founder and editor of Survivalist

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Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy Moving to Thursday Nights!

Doom and Bloom Hey Preppers, Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down (to quote an old song), so we’ve decided to move our show to Thursday Nights at 9 pm eastern, 8 pm central time.  Our next show will be on May 26th.  Join us for 90 minutes of

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