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Headache in Austere Settings

Headaches are one of the most common medical symptoms that you will see in your role as medic.  The brain matter itself doesn’t have pain receptors, but there are several structures around the brain that are sensitive.  Muscles, blood vessels, sinuses, lining tissue, and others can be the site for

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Pregnancy, Dental Kits and Mullein

  Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour tonight with Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones will bring you solid information on Collapse Pregnancies, and how and why you may want to prevent them. We will review our latest Dental Kit contents and share some dental care tips for preppers. Nurse Amy will bring

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Taking Care of a Pregnancy in Hard Times

Our last article (http://www.doomandbloom.net/how-and-why-to-prevent-pregnancy-if-the-shtf) detailed the risks and perils of pregnancy in a societal breakdown and discussed the Natural Family Planning method as an option in the early going. Sometimes, however, the best laid plans of mice and men go awry. In a long-term survival situation, you may find yourself

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How (and Why) To Prevent Pregnancy if the SHTF

It’s a rare individual that doesn’t have a wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or granddaughter that isn’t of childbearing age (say 13 to 50 year old).  Even if they aren’t related to you personally, they could be in your survival group.  Remember that, even if you have a little girl that’s

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting…A Collapse!

    (Here’s an article we wrote that was recently posted by our friends at Ready Nutrition, but is making its first appearance here) Hey Self-Reliants,   As a retired physician and nurse team whose entire focus is figuring out strategies for survival situations, we are often asked what medical issues

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An E-Mail from Patty Prepper

Hey Prepper Nation, We get quite a few excellent emails discussing various preparedness issues and scenarios, but occasionally one is so compelling that it could stand on its own as an article.  Here are a few thoughts and questions by Patty Prepper, and my responses on the topics she touches

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Birthing That Baby!

Hey Prepper Nation, The delivery of a baby is best accomplished with the help of an experienced midwife or obstetrician, but those professionals will be hard to find in a collapse situation.  If there is no chance of accessing modern medical care, it will be up to you to perform

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Pregnancy Issues When The SHTF

Pregnancy in a Collapse Situation Hey Preppers, There was a time when the announcement of a pregnancy was met with concern as well as joy.  In a collapse situation, some of these concerns will present themselves again.  Despite this, we know a lot more about the importance of hygiene and

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