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What “Organic” Really Means

As crisis medicine professionals, we usually discuss issues like bleeding wounds and broken bones, but preventative measures are the cornerstone to maintaining your family’s health in good times or bad. One of the main ways to be successful in this goal is assuring good nutrition. Therefore, we will devote this

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Doom and Bloom Hour: Get Gardening Part 2, Insect Bites

    Tonight,  April 13, 2013 on the Doom and Bloom Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss their upcoming event schedule and cleaning up the tilapia pond. Dr. Bones talks about “billionaires” dumping stocks, underground homeless bunkers and bee, wasp and hornet stings.   Nurse Amy completed part 2

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About “Organic” Gardening

Organic Gardening Hey Preppers, Who doesn’t think that natural and holistic methods of growing food are best?  Nurse Amy and I sure do, but not everything that’s “organic” is without problems.  There are a lot of natural things that aren’t that great for us; snakebites come to mind. Still, the

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Survival Garden 101

Survival Garden Pea Why Should I Start a Survival Garden? Beginning a survival garden is one of the crucial steps towards preparedness success. The only way to gain this skill is to start a garden now. Gardening is not as easy as throwing a seed into any random soil. Here

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Dr Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show #36

This Thursday, July 7, 2011, on Dr Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show we discuss perennials for your survival garden, the changing financial mindset, and how to prevent your food from making you sick! Please join us at 9pm EST : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theprepperpodcast/2011/07/08/dr-bones-and-nurse-amy-doom-and-bloom-show-36 Thanks, Dr Bones and Nurse Amy

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Potato Harvest and The Next Batch

Prepper Gardening and Harvesting Potatoes Well these are the potatoes I harvested on March 5th, 2011 from my prepper garden. I have dehydrated some and boiled others. Currently I have planted another 20 grow bags of seed potatoes. I put dried comfrey leaves and “energy pellets” in the holes and

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Resist Monoculture!

What is Monoculture? Hey Preppers, Monoculture is when only one strain of a particular crop is used universally. This is commonly done in many places, but is, in my humble opinion, a bad idea! Why is Monoculture a Bad Idea? In India a few years ago, the rice crop was

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Yummy Compost or Delicious Humus??

What is Humus? So what is humus? At first I thought it was a liquid you could pour into your soil. A sort of “compost tea”. It is a very confusing world. As I now understand it, humus is the “final” breakdown of compost into the end stage of organic

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Secrets of Healthy Soil

The Importance of Mycorrhizae Research over the years has supported the fact that cultivated or landscaped soils throughout America lack the benefit of microorganisims that are associated with helping the root system of plants. What does this mean?? Well it means we have been dumping CHEMICALS into our land that

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