January, 2011

A simple way to dechlorinate swimming pool water

How to Dechlorinate a Swimming Pool Hey Preppers, If you are stuck without water after a hurricane or other event, but have a… 3

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Food Shortages and You!

  What Would Happen if There Was a Food Shortage? In a lot of poorer countries, food shortages have always been a fact… 2

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Let the Aquaponics Begin!!

Setting Up a Water Survival Garden I recently added a grow bed to my existing pond and water survival garden. Since we already… 5

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Patio Container Gardening

What Sort of Food Can Be Grown in Containers? ┬áHere’s a sample of what a suburban homestead can grow. We have potatoes in… 1

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How to Grow Potatoes in Grow Bags!

Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags Sometimes things do workout in the world of gardening. In the summer I planted “seed” potatoes in some… 0

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