February, 2011

First Potato Harvest

Well I wanted to wait another 3 weeks to harvest the potato grow bags but the plants in this bag “died” back yesterday…. 0

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Save the Herbs

Growing your own food is only one step towards becoming a prepper. Now you have food, but how do you make it last?… 0

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Resist Monoculture!

What is Monoculture? Hey Preppers, Monoculture is when only one strain of a particular crop is used universally. This is commonly done in… 0

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Yummy Compost or Delicious Humus??

What is Humus? So what is humus? At first I thought it was a liquid you could pour into your soil. A sort… 0

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Secrets of Healthy Soil

The Importance of Mycorrhizae Research over the years has supported the fact that cultivated or landscaped soils throughout America lack the benefit of… 2

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Sterile, Disinfected and Clean

Medical Terminology 101 You’ve heard the above terms when it comes to your medical supplies, but what do they really mean? Sterile means… 0

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