May, 2011

Medical Supply Wish List: The Nuclear Family Kit

Medical Bag Hey Preppers, As promised to our friends at the 2011 Survival and Preparedness Conference, here is our wish list for medical… 1

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To Stitch or Not to Stitch, THAT is the Question!!

Simple suturing Treating a Laceration in a Collapse Situation There may come a time that you are faced with treating a laceration in… 4

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Treating Heat Stroke

So COOL! Environmental Causes of Illness: Heat Stroke Hey Prepper Nation, Many environmental causes of illness are preventable with some planning.  If you… 0

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Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation!

Dislocation of Finger How to Treat a Dislocation A dislocation is an injury in which a bone is pulled out of its joint,… 0

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Making Penicillin at Home

Making Penicillin at Home Hey Prepper Nation,  Accumulating medications may be simple when it comes to finding aspirin and other non-prescription drugs but… 0

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