• 2013 Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s Schedule and Classes

    December 9, 2012 | Joseph Alton MD
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    Our suture/staple classes includes: a detailed power point presentaion on wound evaluation, closure options, when to leave wounds open, wound cleaning and care options, and teaches each student how to suture and staple wounds. Every student receives a 3 instrument suture kit (to take home also) , 2 sterile sutures (one is used during the class), a pig’s foot to practice on during the class and a special laminated picture suture instruction card. We provide personal attention for each student during the class.

    To sign up for a class, please email me at dr bones class at aol dot com and tell me which city/date/time you would like an invoice for.


    Here is an update of our schedule for 2013 through April:

    1/12/13 Jacksonville FL, at Overby’s, 12 Noon- 2pm (ish) ,  Suture/Staple Class $60 per student all equipment providied as above. Bring chairs/folding tables (please) if you are a student, the site is short on these items.

    1/12/13  Jacksonville FL,at  Overby’s, 5pm-8pm ,  Suture/Staple Class (visitors welcome, suturing class is full) Please bring chairs/folding tables!

    1/13/13  Tallahassee FL , at Perry Theatre, 12 Noon-2pm (ish), Suture/Staple Class, $60 per student, visitors welcome also.

    1/19/13-1/20/13 Deland Fl, Saturday and Sunday: Life Changes Be Ready Preparedness and Gun Show. Survival Medicine Lecture by us TBA

    Saturday January 19, 2013    *****Suture/Staple  Class  offered  11A-1p, $60 per student, all equipment included

          Sunday January 20, 2013    *****Suture/Staple Class offered   12p-2p , $60 per student, all equipment included

    Where:  Volusia County Fair and Expo Center:   3150 E. New York Ave. , DeLand, FL 32724


    1/26/13  Estero FL (Fort Myer area) , On-Sight Tactical, 2pm-4pm, $ 60 per student, all equipment included

    4/26/13-4/27/13 Arlington TX, Friday and Saturday: Self Reliance Expo. Survival Medicine Lecture TBA

    Friday April 26, 2013  ***** Suture/Staple  Class offered 5pm-7pm

    Saturday April 27, 2013 ***** Suture/Staple Class offered  9:30am-11am

    Where: Arlington Convention Center: 1200 Ballpark Way, Arlington, TX 76011



    Nurse Amy

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