June, 2013

It’s A Cruel, Cruel Summer!

As we enter the full furnace blast that is Summer in most parts of the country, we turn to medical issues influenced by… 0

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The Survival Medicine Handbook Second Edition Is Out!

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy are happy to announce the publication of the Second Edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook! “The Survival Medicine… 7

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Stab Wound Management

Given the media outcry against gun ownership, it’s easy to forget the wounds that are caused by knives and other sharp instruments.¬†¬†Trauma incurred… 0

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Emergency Medicine Vs. Survival Medicine

Standard emergency medicine strategies are intended to aid you in managing situations where the incident did not occur within easy reach of a… 0

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Why We Are Wheezing: CO2 And Asthma

Whatever your thoughts on global warming, one disturbing fact recently surfaced: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions in the atmosphere have reached a peak level… 2

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Poison Ivy And Its Relatives

In the Northern Hemisphere, warm weather is upon us and school is done for the summer. As such, we can expect a lot… 5

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