• #351 Survival Medicine Hour: Cholera, Drug Storage, Shooters, More

    June 8, 2019 | Joseph Alton MD
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    Cholera can kill quickly

    Dehydration from Cholera can be life-threatening

    You might associate armed attacks with wars or survival scenarios, but they can occur in normal times as well. The recent mass shooting in the public facility in Virginia Beach is a reminder that, in these toxic times, no one is safe from those with bad intentions. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, discuss strategies that give you a better chance of avoiding a bad outcome.

    Plus, everything you need to know about storing your medications for the most longevity and potency with advice from Nurse Amy and Dr. Alton.

    water droplets

    Dehydration is a major killer

    Lastly, infections that cause dehydration by diarrhea can rapidly become life-threatening in a situation where no IV rehydration is available and antibiotics aren’t accessible. Dr. Alton discusses Cholera as one disease that still kills 100,000 people every year worldwide and could easily a major pandemic outbreak.

    All this and more in the latest Survival Medicine Hour podcast with Joe Alton MD and Amy Alton ARNP.

    Wishing you the best of health in good times or bad,

    Joe and Amy Alton

    Joe and Amy Alton

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