A simple way to dechlorinate swimming pool water

How to Dechlorinate a Swimming Pool

Hey Preppers,

If you are stuck without water after a hurricane or other event, but have a swimming pool nearby that’s full of water, can you drink from it? The answer is no, pool water contains lots of chlorine; but there’s a simple way to dechlorinate that water so that you can use it.

Take an empty, clear 2 liter soda bottle and fill it with water from the swimming pool. Seal the bottle, and let it stand in direct sunlight for, say, 8 hours. The sunlight will degrade the chlorine enough to make it drinkable. Also, if you have aquariums, you probably have dechlorinator that you add to make the water safe for fish. This should work well to dechlorinate pool water as well.

Also, remember that the only water that needs to be sterilized is water you intend to use for drinking and cooking. Water used to clean clothes or to work the toilet does not need to be sterilized or dechlorinated , for obvious reasons.

Dr. Bones

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