Joe Alton, MD and Amy Alton, ARNP

Their mission: To put a medically prepared person in every family for any disaster.

Joe Alton, M.D. is a retired but actively licensed M.D. and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (Ret.) and Life Fellow of the American College of OB/GYN. Amy Alton, A.P.R.N. is a Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse Midwife.

Together, they’re the authors of three-time Book Excellence Award 1st Place Winners and Amazon bestsellers in Survival Skills and Safety/First Aid  The Survival Medicine Handbook” (both 2017 third and 2022 fourth editions), plus the 2020 Book Excellence Award 1st Place winner Alton’s Antibiotics and Infectious Disease: The Layman’s Guide to Available Antibacterials in Austere Settings“. They are also the award-winning authors of the Amazon bestseller “Alton’s Pandemic Preparedness Guide”, the 2014 NY Times bestseller “The Ebola Survival Handbook“, “The Zika Virus Handbook“, and others.

They are well-known speakers, podcasters, and YouTubers, as well as contributors to several leading survival/homesteading magazines like American Survival Guide, Survivor’s Edge, Off Grid Recoil, Prepper Survival Guide, and Backwoods Home.  Dr. Alton and his works have also appeared in the NY Times, Foxnews, Newsmax, HLN, Newsweek, New York magazine, and many other TV/radio/print outlets. Together, the Altons have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars from book royalties to put together medical kits and keep medical supply prices affordable for families everywhere.

The website you are visiting has won the Reader’s Choice Award from survivaltop50.com five years running as the highest quality content for a survival site on the web, and is on every major list of must-go-to survival web sites.

Amy Alton, APRN  is an expert on herbal remedies and essential oils. She has one of the largest medicinal gardens in the state of Florida. She has also written articles on survival gardening and natural remedies for various magazines.

image  by Amy Alton, Exuma Bahamas

In her spare time Amy is a hobby photographer and loves taking images of nature.

Joe Alton MD is a physician, member of Mensa, and collector of antiquarian medical books from the 19th and 18th centuries. He loves hiking in the Great Smokies and paints (really) in his spare time.

A short list of books in which the Altons are mentioned, either as a recommendation, as a foreward author, or as a reference in a fictional work :

  • Expatriates, by James Wesley, Rawles
  • The Unraveling by Charley Hogwood
  • Long-Term Prepper’s Survival GuideCountdown to Preparedness, and other books by Jim Cobb
  • The Survival Group Handbook, also known as MAGS: The People Part of Prepping  by Charley Hogwood
  • The Simple Survival Smart Book by Patrick Shrier
  • The Prepper’s Blueprint by Tess Pennington
  • As The Ash Fell by A.J. Powers
  • Legion of Despair by Franklin Horton
  • Absolute Anarchy by Johnny Jacks
  • Civil Defense Manual by Jack Lawson


The opinions voiced by the Altons are their own and meant for disaster and epidemic settings; in normal times, seek modern and standard medical care from qualified professionals.

The Doom and Bloom (r) Survival Medicine Podcast can be found at www.BlogTalkradio.com and on the “podcast” toolbar on the main page of this website, as well.

The Altons, also know by their pen names “Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy“, have a YouTube channel and have produced more than 250 videos about survival medicine and survival gardening.  They are active in social media on Facebook, MeWe, MightyNetworks, and elsewhere. Also, check out their FB Group: Survival Medicine; their FB page: doomandbloom(tm) .

The Altons travel the country spreading the message of medical preparedness  and have served as speakers at preparedness conferences throughout the country.  Read over 2000 5-star reviews of their books (over all editions) at amazon.com.

Lastly, the Altons design custom medical kits which are used by schools, workplaces, places of worship, law enforcement, and other at-risk for traumatic injuries, as well as for the survival medic in times of trouble. Find them at store.doomandbloom.net.

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