• American Survival Radio #3

  • veteran burn himself to death

    Where Richard Ingram ended his life

    American Survival Radio is a brand new podcast hosted by Joe and Amy Alton in collaboration with Genesis Communications Network, the home of Alex Jones’ Infowars. America Tonight, Joyce Riley’s Power Hour, and other fine shows. In American Survival Radio, the Altons step away from their roles as survival medicine writers and focus on current events that affect, well, America’s survival! Expect some serious opinions mixed in with the news of the day.  Our other podcast, The Survival Medicine Hour, will remain the same format on blogtalk radio.



    In this episode, a Navy veteran walks 9 miles from his home to a closed VA clinic, douses himself with gasoline, and sets himself on fire. Find out about the shortcomings of the Department of  Veterans Affairs that led to his suicide. Also, in a few years we’ll be short 1,000,000 doctors, especially in primary care; why can’t we get students to become family doctors? As well, Amy Alton is asked by Ballistic Magazine what three survival skills are most important in a disaster. Lastly, Joe and Amy Alton explain some arcane RNC rules that will impact who becomes the Republican nominee for president. All this and more on (click here) American Survival Radio



    All the best in good times or bad.


    Joe and Amy

    American Survival Radio

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