• American Survival Radio #5

  • Andrew Jackson

    Revered, Reviled, or Irrelevant?

    Got change for a twenty? I’ll give you change, how about changing the face on the bill? Andrew Jackson (the first Democrat to be elected president gets tossed into the dustbin of history in favor of former slave, abolitionist, and Republican Harriet Tubman (of the famous Underground Railroad). American Survival Radio Show #5 finds out how Jackson went from revered to reviled, plus a review of recent earthquake activity all over the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire” and what you should do if you get caught in the middle of some major tremors.

    Also,  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder drink Flint lead-contaminated water for a month (using a filter, of course) to show residents that it’s healthy, but can the same be said for his political career? You decide: brave gesture or carnival stunt?

    American Survival Radio is a brand new podcast hosted by Joe and Amy Alton in collaboration with Genesis Communications Network, the home of Alex Jones’ Infowars. America Tonight, Joyce Riley’s Power Hour, and other fine shows. In American Survival Radio, the Altons step away from their roles as survival medicine writers and focus on current events that affect, well, America’s survival! Expect some serious opinions mixed in with the news of the day.

    Don’t be confused by the fact that we have two podcasts. American Survival Radio is about current events, health, and politics. Our other podcast, The Survival Medicine Hour, will remain the same medical preparedness format on blogtalk radio.


    All the best in good times or bad,


    Joe and Amy Alton

    American Survival Radio


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