• American Survival Radio, June 4th

  • Lighthouse in Oregon 2015

    American Survival Radio brings you the news that affects, well, America’s Survival! With disaster and epidemic preparedness experts Joe and Amy Alton as hosts, expect some hard-hitting opinions on the news of the day.

    In this episode of American Survival Radio, Joe and Amy Alton bring you the show from the great state of Oregon, where they’re speaking at the very popular Mother Earth News Fair there. When you’re a homesteader, sometimes you’re far from where you could get help, so self-reliance is the key (and that’s right up their alley!).

    American Survival Radio #11 investigates why the murder rate in Chicago is so high, and climbing higher every year. The Altons have a pretty good idea of what’s behind it. Plus, The Florida Medical Association sends Dr. Alton a letter about their outrage that highly trained nurse practitioners may be seeing some VA patients, to decrease wait times for our veterans needing medical help. Seems that’s some kind of territorial threats to the doctors at the FMA, but Nurse Practitioner Amy Alton has her own choice words to say on this subject.

    Also, the first baby born in the continental U.S. with Zika virus-related brain damage puts new attention on the risk to American citizens this summer, when mosquitoes will be out in force. Yet, the Democrats and Republicans can’t stop squabbling about how to fund efforts to avoid local cases in the U.S. Sheesh.

    All this and more on American Survival Radio #11.

    All the best in good times or bad,

    Joe and Amy Alton


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