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    American Survival Radio is Joe and Amy Alton’s second and latest podcast, focused on current events, health, and politics. It is separate and distinct from The Survival Medicine Hour, which continues as before focused mostly on health issues as they pertain to preparedness and survival.  If you’re interested in Survival, your own and that of your country, we bet you’ll like both!

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    On American Survival Radio’s latest podcast, May 21, 2016, an EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo is downed by terrorist actions and plane travel may now be as safe as sitting on a pincushion, which is how you might feel when you board your next flight. Joe and Amy Alton give you some travel tips that will keep you safer abroad. Also, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu goes hat in hand to Moscow to find out why Russian jets are intercepting his fighters. Russia is involved in a number of negotiations with countries that the U.S. used to have influence with, as it seeks to quietly supplant America as the dominant player in Southeast Asia.


    Plus, a pharmaceutical company does an end run around the FDA to market its products as “nutraceuticals” to prevent aging. Dr. Alton examines the science behind the claims that 5 Nobel prize winners are backing, and whether you can extend your life with products that might be considered prescription drugs if the FDA didn’t take a decade to approve them.

    All this and more on American Survival Radio.

    To listen in, click below:


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    Wishing you the best in good times or bad,


    Joe and Amy Alton



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