Aphid Control Patrol

ladybugs love aphids!

ladybugs love aphids!

Well, I knew it would happen sooner or later! The great aphid invasion 2011. Fantastic. I ignore my garden for three days and aphids show up unannounced.

How Can You Get Rid of Aphids?


First I grab a bottle of organic mosquito fogger, not my best idea..the oils in the fogger begin to wilt the leaves almost instantly.Wonderful, now I have aphids and wilted leaves. My poor peppers grown from seeds since December now look sad. Next I threw DE ( diatomaceous earth) all over them, instant death? Nope. OK…neem oil spray. Nope they are still singing and dancing. Alright, ummm, hydrogen peroxide! Less singing, but still dancing. Neem oil again! This is all done over a three day period.

Organic Methods of Aphid Control

I’m about ready to order 10,000 lady bugs to set free on my screened in patio. VETO by Dr.Bones… dang it. I was going to dive bomb those little buggers. Now they have moved into the cabbage…cabbage is now in the garbage, too many to fight there. More neem oil spray! At this point I’ve lost it. I cannot bring myself to use non-organic sprays. I just ordered a bottle of aphid killer that is organic, I hope it works. Aphids are supposed to have delicate soft bodies, I think they have secret tanks and body armour!!

All is not lost, most of the plants in containers on my patio are just fine! I do think the neem oil is beginning to work and I’m sure that’s why they haven’t attacked all of the plants yet.
The tomatoes are right next to the peppers and there are no aphids on them yet. Neem oil isn’t an instant killer, it confuses them so they don’t eat or reproduce. I’m just impatient, so I wanted them dead yesterday. Patience is a virtue, but when you see them eating your plants it freaks you out. I know I will win this battle. I will let you know when that happens!
Nurse Amy, ready for battle…

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