APN Webinar with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

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(Dr. Bones Says:  We’re blessed to have friends like Tom Martin of American Preppers Network, who has asked us to do a webinar about our game “Doom and Bloom’s SURVIVAL!”, now on kickstarter  and over 80% funded, thanks to people like you. Find out why we think this game might just get whole families on the same page with regards to survival in tough times and see some of the great art provided by artists Kurt Miller and Josh Cappel!  Viewers of the webinar will get multiple entries in our $250 giveaway of medical supplies by using the code word announced during the program. The webinar airs tomorrow at 8pm Eastern at the link Tom provides below. Look for more webinars from us on Survival Medicine topics in the near future.)

From Tom:
You may have already seen some of the buzz about Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy’s new game and their KickStarter project, but now you’ll have a chance to find out more inside information with this Thursday’s webinar.You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and find out things like:

  • Anticipated launch date
  • How will the game be played
  • How this can be a survival learning experience for the whole family and an excellent way to teach valuable skills to children.
  • Have trouble getting a friend or relative interested in prepping? Use this game to get them excited about it.
  • What can you get by being a Kickstarter supporter?
  • And much more!
Title: Doom and Bloom Survival! 
Date & Time: Thursday, April 17th at 5:00pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern)
Guest pin code: 508028# 
Primary dial in number: (425) 440-5100 
Secondary dial in number: (512) 527-6262 
Webcast link: 

Stay safe everyone,

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Video: SURVIVAL! Solo Play

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