Aquaponics Update!


Aquaponics and Growing Plants

Well it’s been an interesting experience on the road of aquaponics. The bad news first, or the DOOM, the hot peppers and strawberries were not happy in the aquaponics system.

On the BLOOM side, I have already harvested an eight inch head of broccoli! The pictures above show the second broccoli head that is around six inches in diameter!! The red cabbage is growing like crazy, but is not ready for harvest yet from our water garden.

Creating an Artificial Ecosystem

I haven’t added any fertilizers or amendments to either the container or water. The only difference is the tilapia arrived and are happily thriving in the pond. They are growing like crazy! I thought the goldfish would be scared and move into a corner of the pond, but actually they are just as aggressive with the food as the tilapia! Good for you goldfish. Stand your ground. I still have a lone betta that has made a nice home around the bamboo, he’s a tough bugger. We have been trying to catch him, but he’s too smart for that nonsense.
I’ll keep you updated!
Nurse Amy

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