Are You Normal?

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Preparedness and Tough Questions

Hey Preppers,

From time to time (like whenever anyone in my family visits), I have to answer questions put before me regarding our decision to be prepared.  Things like, “Um, what is all this stuff?” and “What the heck do you think you’re going to do with these things?”.  Some people aren’t even polite enough to ask a question, and will just make a blanket statement, like “This isn’t normal.”  This got me to thinking: Am I normal?  If I’m not doing what the rest of the herd is doing, does that make me worthy of suspicion?  Is living on my end of the preparedness bell curve anti-social, or somehow, dangerous to society?

Let’s talk about “normal”.  The definition of normal can be biological, chemical or even geometric (it means perpendicular!), but generally it is thought be “the standard or average”.  Normal is also defined in psychological terms, meaning “sane” or “conforming to the conventions of one’s group”, and this is what I’m interested in talking about today.

Preparedness and Not Being Part of the Herd

If we’re talking about the average person, we’re talking about someone with maybe 3 days’ worth of meals in the pantry.  This is “conforming to the conventions of one’s group”, but is it “sane”?  For a species that’s supposed to value self-preservation, it seems anything but.  The “normal” person expects their world to be untouched by the various scenarios that could cause a collapse situation.  They believe this despite the knowledge that society is a complex machine with many gears and widgets.  The malfunction of any of these could disrupt the fragile matrix of civilization, yet it is “normal” to ignore this fact and go on our merry way.

The “normal” person is aware of the possibility of economic collapse, flu pandemics, civil unrest, terrorist attack, solar flares and perfect storms (like tornadoes and hurricanes).  What do you think the chances are that NONE of the above can occur in your lifetime?  It may be “conforming to the conventions of one’s group” to ignore this risk, but it sure isnt anywhere near “sane”!

Some in the general public consider preppers to be abnormal and somehow dangerously non-conformist.  Allow me to say that it is dangerous to NOT be prepared; it’s dangerous to your community, it’s dangerous to your family, and it’s dangerous to you.  Lacking food storage and medical supplies will cause you to become one of the reasons that society will unravel in a collapse.

Do you want to persevere in times of trouble?  Then it’s only “normal” to prepare!  It certainly is, from the standpoint of sanity, and if we can make preparedness the standard, we might have an entire nation that will do well in hard times.  Imagine that, a catastrophe occurs and we keep on going.  What could be more normal than that?

Dr. Bones

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