Biolite’s Family Kit

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Our friends at Biolite has put together a series of gear bundles meant to supply families with back-up power and lighting options for both emergency and everyday use. These items are especially useful for camping and off-grid outings, but can serve useful purposes at home as well. Biolite is putting together a special offer for September, which is National Preparedness Month.

Biolite’s family bundle

Our mission is to create medically prepared families, so we looked at their family kit ($459.75 (that’s $75 off their normal price!) This bundle contains:

•             [4] SunLights

•             [1] SolarHome 620

•             [1] SolarHome 620 Charger

•             [4] Grey HeadLamp 330s

•             [1] Lifestraw Family



•             Sunlights are 100 lumen lights are convenient light sources that provide safe illumination anywhere in the house or camp. They don’t tip over nor do they run out. Just recharge via microusb or with the included solar panel. The family bundle comes with four.

•             Sunlights can be hung or stand on their own anywhere you need light. They are dimmable so you can control the energy expended.  The light can change colors to entertain the kids or you can put them into red night vision.


  • Fitting into the size of a shoebox, the SolarHome 620 is a great power source in a compact product.
  • The 6W solar panel charges up the whole system in one day in direct sunlight. Just expose on a deck or roof.
  • The Control Box allows you to control lighting and access power as needed. Hang or place standing up in a central area; The solar panel has 21 feet of cord which is long enough for it to be outside soaking up energy while the rest of the system is inside. The control display shows how much power if available so that you can use it wisely.
  •  There are 2 USB ports for charging phones or headlamps. Three additional hanging lights    allow more than one to be lit at a time, giving reasonable lighting to a limited area. A fourth light and an FM radio are built in. The brightness of the lights can be individually controlled.


I’ve always talked about the importance of a medic to be able to use both hands when working on an injury. Since injuries can occur at night, a head lamp is essential, and Biolite’s family kit comes with four.

Talk about bright, this 330-lumen hands-free light is that and more; it can last for up to 40 hours on low mode. When used intermittently, each charge can last several days.  It’s comfortable to wear and could even fit children.

The headlamps come with “stuff sacks”. These allow you to use the head lamp as a lantern you can hang where needed.


LifeStraw Family Set

If you’re an outdoorsman or a member of the preparedness community, you probably know abut the compact, lightweight LifeStraw. The classic LifeStraw is a popular item for the single backcountry hiker, but the family version is able to be used for, well, families.

The Lifestraw’s hollow fiber membrane removes:

  • 99.999999% of bacteria (E. coli)
  • 99.999% of parasites (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.)
  • 99.999% of microplastics
  • 99.999% of viruses (Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, etc.)

•             This 18-ounce system uses gravity to pass water through a purifier. You hang it in your kitchen from a doorknob or hook, fill with water, turn a knob, and fill cups, bottles, or pots.

•             The LifeStraw Family is meant to last. Lifetime use is 4,755 gallons (18,000 liters)! That lasts long enough to cover 3 years of drinking water for a family of 5.  Unlimited shelf life. Weighs 18oz.

The LifeStraw has undergone strict testing by the World Health Organization, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others.

All in all, the Biolite Family Kit is a great addition to your camping or preparedness supplies. Take advantage of Biolite’s National Preparedness Month bundles to save some dough.

Amy Alton ARNP

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