Bioscarf Review

Amy Alton in Central Park with a bioscarf.
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Amy Alton is wearing a bioscarf.
Nurse Amy in Times Square wearing the Bioscarf.

Every year Joe and I try to visit my daughter in NYC. I know a lot of folks would say it’s too dangerous or too polluted, but we stay alert and watch where we go. The Christmas lights are beautiful and the tree in Rockefeller Center is always grand. The colder weather helps bring cheer in this holiday season for we South Floridians. So off we went again.

This year I brought a special item with us. Something to help protect us from the cold, sickness and dirty air. Trifecta! The Bioscarf is made from material that filters out just about everything. Plus the material was warm, soft and comfortable around our necks.

Amy Alton in Central Park with a bioscarf.
A rare moment without the presence of a multitude of coughing, sniffling people.

Winters in NYC are cold and snow is unpredictable. Just about everyone wears a scarf. But having a scarf that I could use to cover my nose and mouth to filter out 99.7% of air pollutants, this was awesome. It acts as an N-95 mask and is a particulate filter.

Amy looking sharp in Central Park with her protective Bioscarf

In the literature provided in the box with the scarf,  Bioscarf states:

“In tests the Bioscarf filtered out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates size 0.1 microns and larger. That means that it can protect you from:

  • Pneumonia (0.25 microns)
  • Strep (0.9 microns)
  • Influenza (0.43 microns)
  • Tuberculosis (0.86 microns)
  • Pm2.5 (2.5 microns)
  • Animal dander (1.0 microns)
  • Pollen (10.0 microns)
  • Cigarette smoke (0.30 microns)

to name a few”

Amy Alton using a bioscarf as a mask.
Nurse Amy demonstrating a Bioscarf as a barrier mask.

We gifted the scarf to my daughter before we left so she stays warm and protected. We feel better about her health safety now, especially in the subway system she uses at least twice daily.

The one thing I could mention is the big logo symbol attached to it. I guess manufacturers like to claim their products, but I would prefer no attached logo for the look. I’m not sure anyone ever looks at a scarf logo to see who made it, and you will probably flip it underneath anyway. Word of mouth is going to sell this scarf I predict.

Amy and her daughter in a NYC museum.
Amy and her youngest daughter in NYC 2018.

I am very impressed with the design and possibilities of this scarf and I will buy a few for the rest of the family and both of us for travel to colder climates. You can check out the scarf description and color choices at

Thank you and stay safe!

Amy Alton, ARNP aka Nurse Amy

Disclaimer: I don’t make any money from the sales, but they did send me a sample to try out, which I appreciated (and donated to my youngest daughter).


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