There are lots of great sites with good information for the preparedness community; here are just some: – a site dedicated to fishing and fishing for survival a site dedicated to bass fishing and fishing for survival. In-depth guides on knives, survival gear and skills that make you prepared for the worst case scenarios. Self-reliance is about preparation. Preparation is an insurance policy against a SHTF event. Are you prepared?  Emergency preparedness and survival advice from the Alpha Survivalist

https://Scopes – Your one-stop for the best scope reviews.  Important news and info for the firearm/blade enthusiast and survival-minded  Self-Reliance Interests and Lifestyle  Our World Revolves Around Handguns and Concealed Carry A new product post every day that will help you Survive In Style!    Expert survival advice, prepper guides, and everything you need to get out alive.  Gun News Daily has been a leading source of American Gun Rights news since 2001. / a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear.  Pretty much all you need to know about survival firearms  Tons of articles and videos all about prepping A great place to start on the road to preparedness – economic news for troubled times. – Freedom -Liberty – Awareness & Preparedness – News & Opinion – compendium of knife laws and article about the sharp-edged instrument – Daily Survival/Prepper links from around the Web

Prepper Dashboard  -Words of wisdom on all things preparedness – Survival with a punk attitude!

Family Disaster Dogs – this site tells you how to train your dog for search and rescue, and more – suburban family preparedness

Off Grid Survival – all sorts of articles about living off the grid

Prepper Website – a compendium of all the best information, frequently updated

Modern Survival Blog– survival news that exposes “Big Brother” and everything that goes along with it

Movin’ On Out – informative blog by the Prepared Canadian

SHTF Blog – gear reviews, survival how-to, and more

Something Wicked Comes – real-life tales of the apocalypse to come

The Survival Podcast – the one and only Jack Spirko!

Backdoor Survival family preparedness advice

Shepherd SchoolPreparedness Advice Blog

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