There are lots of great sites with good information for the preparedness community; here are just some: Why you need survival weapons from people who know. A new product post every day that will help you Survive In Style!    Expert survival advice, prepper guides, and everything you need to get out alive.  Gun News Daily has been a leading source of American Gun Rights news since 2001. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst! / a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear.  Discusses various topics related to the prepper community. survival  gear and emergency preparedness website for up to date news, info and  supplies  Friends, sharing and learning, one prep at a time  Pretty much all you need to know about survival firearms  Tons of articles and videos all about prepping – Because you never know when the day before is the day before, prepare for tomorrow. A great place to start on the road to preparedness – M.D. Creekmore’s new website with important news that affects YOU. – economic news for troubled times. - Radio network devoted to all things survival. - lots of articles on how to make do in times of trouble. – Freedom -Liberty – Awareness & Preparedness – News & Opinion  – New site for all things survival – compendium of knife laws and article about the sharp-edged instrument – Daily Survival/Prepper links from around the Web – Doomsday prepping at its– An amazing amount of news you can use by a crew that has it all there for you! Survival and Prosperity – – news and advice for the preparedness community

Prepper Dashboard  -Words of wisdom on all things preparedness – Survival with a punk attitude!  – the Other Guy, but with lots of important info on survival

Family Disaster Dogs – this site tells you how to train your dog for search and rescue, and more

Wilderness Survival Techniques – all you need to know to make it out in the wild – suburban family preparedness

Savage Expedition Gear -all things paracord!

Apocalyptic Fiction – reviews of what’s happening in your favorite disaster shows and other apocalyptic fiction

Teotwawki Blog – survival tips and kit-making contests, plus lots more

Off Grid Survival – all sorts of articles about living off the grid

Prepper Website – a compendium of all the best information, frequently updated

Modern Survival Blog– survival news that exposes “Big Brother” and everything that goes along with it

Movin’ On Out – informative blog by the Prepared Canadian

SHTF Blog – gear reviews, survival how-to, and more

Something Wicked Comes – real-life tales of the apocalypse to come – awesome family preparedness blog

The Survival Podcast – the one and only Jack Spirko!

A.N.T.S. – American’s Networking To Survive – Tim French and organized prepper unity

Magnified View – politics, current events, and some plain ol’ common sense

Backdoor Survival Gaye Levy, aka Survival Woman, family preparedness advice

Prep-BlogShepherd SchoolPreparedness Advice Blog personal and home security advice Ed Corcoran, editor of Survivalist Magazine, lots of survival info


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