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    Bug Out Bag Medical Supplies (in larger size containers)

    Medical Preparedness Tip: A Bug Out Bag

     A bug out bag can be a life-saving preparation for emergencies, including natural disasters and a collapse situation. Now is the time to gather your supplies and put a plan together. I have included natural remedies because one day nature may be your pharmacy!

    This is more then you will need for 72 hours, however, sometimes your 72 hours may turn out to be weeks or months. Increase or decrease your supplies based on your area and expected collapse situations. I believe you can never be too prepared. Illnesses can progress rapidly so I would not leave out antibiotics.

    Medical Supplies For Your Bug Out Bag

    Here is a list of BOB medical supplies:

    antiseptics-at least 2 different ones, more is better

    oral antibiotics- may also include garlic oil, honey,cayenne,thyme oil,peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil as herbal alternatives

    antibiotic ointment and/or antibacterial herbal salve

    multi size bandages and ace bandages

    gauze/dressings include telfa pads and xeroform petroleum dressings (non stick)

    ABD pads
    quality bandage scissor/trauma shear
    4 pair or more nitrile gloves

    masks- surgical(for sick people) and N-95(for healthy people)

    dermabond/needle holder and sutures
    several large and small size safety pins
    magnifying glass
    pen light
    tongue depressor(s)
    clotting powders/dressings
    quality tourniquet
    olaes modular bandage
    cravet triangle bandage
    snake bit kit
    rubber bag (hot water bottle)

    dental kit /and extra clove oil(numbs pain, and good for minor burns when mixed with geranium oil)

    claritin (non-drowsy antihistamine)- hay fever/allergies

    benadryl ( drowsy antihistamine)-allergic reactions to stings/medication/food/contact with irritants/this is the other ingredient in tylenol PM! It really puts you to sleep at 50mg dose, but this is a better dose for serious allergic reactions!

    epipen, if needed for serious allergic reactions


    eucalyptus essential oil- also a decongestant and good for coughs/ a good insect repellent

    pain relievers/analgesics- aspirin/Tylenol/ibuprofen

    arnica essential oil- also an analgesic used externally in very dilute amounts (6-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil-see my articles on Natural Medical Kit:Essential oils)

    Other Analgesic Essential Oils -Consider 1 or 2 of these – lavender,chamomile,rosemary,eucalyptus, marjoram

    Imodium-for diarrhea tx

    hydrocortisone cream- anti-inflammatory, good for rashes

    helichrysum essential oil- also anti-inflammatory and additionally an analgesic

    Lip balm-I love carmex brand

    zinc oxide-rashes and a sunscreen

    honey-externally for serious burns/internally mix with garlic oil for an antibiotic and sore throat tx 

    tea tree essential oil-antiseptic/antifungal/insect bite tx/burn tx

    lavender essential oil-analgesic/antiseptic/calming effect for insomnia,stress/skin care-rashes and cuts

    peppermint essential oil-respiratory and nasal congestion/Headache tx 1 drop to temples or inhale vapors/also good for digestive disorders/achy joints and muscle tx/ use 2 drops on toothbrush with baking soda

    geranium essential oil- decreases bleeding when applied to wound/lowers blood sugar/burn tx

    thieves blend essential oil- A mix of clove,lemon,cinnamon,eucalyptus and rosemary oils- Antibiotic/antiseptic/and a host of other actions.

    chamomile tea bags- internally relaxing,headache tx and digestive problems/ external compress for burns,bee stings

    ginger tea bags- internally good for nausea, stomachaches, digestive problems like gas and bloating, also good for motion sickness (crystallized ginger is an alternative, but weighs more)

    echinacea/elderberry tea bags- supports immune system, decreases flu and cold duration

    aloe vera

    laxative tea bags- usually contains senna mixed with other herbs for a better flavor

    powdered Gatorade-for rehydration drinks ( to tx dehydration)

    multi-vitamins, extra vit c and zinc

    With the above list you can handle:

    colds/flu/cough/sore throat/lung congestion
    aches and pains
    allergies/allergic reactions
    skin irritations and conditions
    digestive upsets and nausea
    bug bites/ bee stings/ contact dermatitis( poison ivy/oak/)
    minor cuts. scrapes and lacerations
    headaches, sinus congestion
    stress and anxiety
    oral hygiene and basic dental tx
    surface disinfectant
    insect repellent 

    I know I forgot something!! I would add instant ice bags but they weigh a lot. I would vacuum pack all the tea bags into a very small package. I would also have DUCT tape, but that’s already in a BOB. If you can’t get demabond, superglue may burn like holy heck but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. In a collapse situation there will be a lot of improvising!! 

       Also, make sure you get a small first aid pocket guide. CPR is only done with chest compressions so that’s not hard to learn anymore. Dr Bones has recorded a suturing video, we just have to edit it first. I would have extra bandage scissors, tweezers and pen lights, not one of each.

       I have written two different articles on essential oils, so you can read more about them. They are a medicine chest from nature! They are also in very small vials, so they don’t take up much space or add too much weight to the bag.I also have a few medicinal herb articles, which are helpful to know. 

      Make sure you know who is bugging out with you and acquire their personal medications also. It is important to know what special medical issues you may have to handle, and prepare for them too. If someone in your group has a blood pressure problem, then a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff will be important.

    Nurse Amy

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