Candied Orange Peel Recipe

How To Make Candied Orange Peels

I have read many complicated recipes for candied orange peels that take days and days to complete ( see the Excalibur Recipe Book). I chose to use a simpler method. First get 6 organic oranges, I used navel oranges for this recipe. I cut them in half and cut out most of the pulp ( see the picture above).

Next I juiced all of the oranges to remove some more pulp ( see the picture below).

The next step involved cutting the oranges into 1/4 inch slices ( see the picture above).

Candied Orange Peels:  Cooking Procedure

After cutting the oranges into the 1/4 inch strips you place them into a pot of cold water and turn on the heat. When the water is boiling strain the orange slices and pour off the cooking water into the sink. Repeat with new cold water and bring to a boil for the second time. Strain and pour off the water. Once more for a third time, add cold water and bring to a boil. Strain and pour off the water. This is done for a total of three times only (see the picture above).

Let the orange slices remain in the strainer while you create a sugar syrup. Mix 1 1/2 cups of water with 4 1/2 cups of sugar in a pot. Heat the sugar mixture while stirring until all of the sugar has melted. Turn the heat onto simmer and let the mixture cook for 8 minutes ( see the picture above).

Now add the orange slices into the sugar syrup pat them down, bring it to a simmer again and leave the pot undisturbed for 45 minutes ( see the picture above).

Pour the orange slices into a strainer. Place the orange slices on your drying racks ( see the picture above) and cook them on the “fruit” setting, mine is 135 degrees, for about 16 hours. Allow them cool off on the trays and then keep them in a container, I used a large ziploc bag. I will be dipping mine in chocolate tomorrow! ¬†And that’s how you can make candied orange peels.

Nurse Amy

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