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Straight Talk About Expiration Dates

  Years ago, I wrote an article about the truth relating to expiration dates on medications. Lately, I’ve seen some confusing information on… 0

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Survival Medicine Hour: Spider Bites, Heartburn, Drought, Expiration Dates

Will this year’s El Nino weather phenomenon save California from the worst drought in years? Is there any home remedy that can handle… 0

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Survival Medicine Hour: Open Wound Care, Expiration Dates, Tomatoes

In this episode of the Survival Medicine Hour, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy discuss expiration dates and what they really mean, how to… 0

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Expiration Dates Video by Dr. Bones

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2GRBn8XxdFY   Since it’s getting close to Halloween, scary ol’ Doctor Bones has come out from behind the camera at our YouTube channel… 7

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New Evidence on Expiration Dates

Over the years, I have expressed my opinions on the bogus nature of the expiration dates stamped on medications in pill or capsule… 0

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The Truth About Expiration Dates

Expiration Dates and Preparedness Hey Preppers, As a physician,I get a lot of questions about expiration dates on medications, and whether medications should… 37

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