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Can We End Active Shooter Events?

  Can we end active shooter events? A mentally disturbed man entered a South Florida high school and killed at least 17 people… 0

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Civil Defense In The Uncertain Future

WHY DON’T WE HAVE A CIVIL DEFENSE STRATEGY FOR NUCLEAR ATTACKS? With nuclear buttons on more and more desks these days, one thing… 0

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Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Events

NUCLEAR EMPS We live in the shadow of the sun, which gives us, well, shadows, but also bathes us in huge amounts of… 0

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6 Ways To Curb Active Shooters

6 Ways to Curb Active Shooters Attacks The recent shootings in diverse settings greet Americans with tragic news on a regular basis. Gunmen… 0

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Survival Medicine Hour: Disaster Supplies, Vehicular Terror, Pain Relief

Survival Medicine Hour #362 The NYC attack, which occurred very close to our daughter’s workplace, killed 8 and injured a dozen more. More… 0

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