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Hey Prepper Nation,

September is National Preparedness Month, and this is a great opportunity to move forward in your journey to self-sufficiency.   Those of us who see the storm clouds on the horizon can make a real difference in our ability to do well in a collapse situation; We’ll work on learning new skills, storing food and medical suppies, and making contacts to put together a survival community.  Those who don’t see the storm clouds, or choose to ignore them, will continue their favorite activity, which is, in my opinion, circling the drain.

Preparedness: How to Be Ready for a Collapse

Many of us in the preparedness community feel that we have reached a level that we’re comfortable at.  We’ve got food stored, we’ve got seeds, and we’ve worked out our personal security.  No one, however, knows everything and I would like you to accept this challenge:  End this month with a new skill that you don’t have now.

Gulp!  Doesn’t sound easy, does it?  But it is!  There are a lot of skills that will be useful in a collapse situation that you’re probably not an expert in right at this moment.  A simple example of this would be knot-tying.  Do you know how to tie a bowline knot?  If not, you could become an expert at it in an afternoon of practice.  Still remember all those knots from Boy Scouts?  Ok, how about sprouting?  If you’ve got a spare square foot on your kitchen counter, you can learn to grow nutritious sprouts without a drop of sunshine.  Already an accomplished sprouter?  Get yourself a bandanna and learn to make an arm sling and a head bandage.  Use a stick to turn that bandanna into a tourniquet.  See what I mean?  There’s a lot of stuff you probably don’t know yet, and National Preparedness Month is a terrific reason to get off your duff and expand your knowledge base!

Supplies and Preparedness

Supplies are important also.  I’ll bet a lot of the preparedness stores online will be having specials on all sorts of gear, food, kits, etc. this month.   Take advantage of these offers, because these supplies will never, never, never be cheaper than they are now.  How can I say this?  Well, do you really think prices for these items are going to go DOWN as it becomes clearer to everyone that hard times are a-coming?

Get your act together and make sure you can say that you didn’t waste National Preparedness Month drinking beer and watching Dancing with the Stars!  Check out some of our articles on this blog, and I guarantee you’ll learn something new.  If Nurse Amy and I can do it, you sure as heck can!

Dr. Bones

Go to  to learn knots

Go to to learn sprouting



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