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    Hey Preppers,

    The Dallas Self-Reliance Expo was held over the weekend at the Arlington Convention Center, and it was the best one yet!  It was packed, I mean PACKED, with of folks from the area and even a few that were attending the nearby Glenn Beck event at Cowboys Stadium.  They have it all in Arlington, with the Texas Rangers Baseball Park between the football stadium and the convention center, and there always seemed to be a game or some other event going on.  We even met some homeschoolers that were having a conference next door to us, and I can tell you that Texas has got to be just one great big preparedness community.

    We had plenty of big names at the show, with the awesome Jack Spirko doling out a lot of wisdom and Coach Carter handing out some tough love and copies of his new book “Yes Ma’am, NO SIR!”.  Homesteaders were well represented with Canning guru Jackie Clay, Backwoods Home publisher Dave Duffy, and Marjorie Wildcraft, as well as Lucinda Bailey of Texas Ready.  Jeff Yago, solar energy expert spoke as did our good friend Ray Gano, who has a terrific book out called “Survive the Coming Storm: the value of a preparedness lifestyle”. We made a new friend in the well-known David Kobler, aka SouthernPrepper1, of YouTube fame, who gave a great lecture as well.

    Ron Douglas and Bubba DaVinci were, as usual, capable Boss Hogs and outdid themselves putting together a show that both the visitors and the exhibitors enjoyed.  The rest of the gang, Adam Francis and the Equip 2 Endure crew, Dr. Prepper of Aquapail, and David Armenta and Jeff Gleason of  LPC survival were all there!  There are too many other great friends and supporters to mention by name, but we were grateful for their kind words and support. We did our suturing classes, and got some pretty talented aspiring survival medics to add to their skills.  All in all, I would say, DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS!

    There will be 2 other Self Reliance Expos this year, one in Hickory, NC, Sept. 14-15, and the other in Mesa, Arizona 10/27-28.  Come by and see us!

    Dr. Bones

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