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    Recently I posted about dehydrating apples. In that post I peeled the apples and used a salad shooter to slice them up. After thinking about how long this process took I wanted to “keep it simple” and try another method.

    Apple Dehydrating Made Easy

    I purchased two bags of apples and washed them thoroughly, including a light scrub with a vegetable brush. I cut off the top and bottom of one apple at a time. Then I used an apple “corer” to remove the insides and made sure all of the seeds were removed. After slicing them about 1/4 inch thick into “rings” I threw them into a bowl filled with lemon juice and sugar. I made sure each ring was coated and placed them onto the dehydrator tray and put them in at 125 degrees. Each apple was processed onto the tray one at a time so oxidation and browning could be minimized. I used 125 degrees instead of the recommended 135 degrees because I started them at 9pm and didn’t want to over cook them while I was sleeping!

    Dehydrating From Start to Finish

    The entire dehydrating time took about 17 hours. Even at this time they are still slightly chewy, but that’s what my family likes and honestly I don’t expect them to still exist 7 days from now anyway!! The entire “processing” time for the two bags was less then 30 minutes and so easy! No more peeling for me.
    We all learn through experience and I just wanted to share my new method of dehydrating apples with you.
    Nurse Amy

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