Dilbert is Not Prepping Enough!!

Preparedness 101, don’t forget security too

Security Preparedness

Dilbert THOUGHT he was prepared. Don’t forget security preparedness. Prepping isn’t only about food ( and of course bandaids).

Listen to our podcast every SATURDAY at 9pm EST on the Preparedness Radio Network (on blog talk radio.com) to learn how you can be totally prepared. Dr Bones and Nurse Amy’s Doom and Bloom Show will help YOU avoid the mistake Dilbert has made. We will help you learn about beans, bullets and bandaids!!! Nurse Amy will help you learn how to start your survival garden, our guests will teach you about security and Dr Bones is all about teaching collapse medicine, while Nurse Amy offers medicinal gardening advice. 

We will post a show link for you every Saturday for you to click on by 7pm. No searching and wondering where the show is broadcasting live from! We make it easy for you to learn about being prepared!

Nurse Amy

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