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    On the Doom and Bloom(tm)  Hour , the lovely Nurse Amy interviews “Joe The Plumber“, aka Joe Wurzelbacher, founder of JoeForAmerica.com, a dynamic and inspirational speaker and now a prepper! His frank and down-to-earth speeches regarding second amendment rights, patriotism and veterans rights are heard all over America. In this interview Joe shares some personal details of his past, present and future.  We also discuss topics like gun control, family values and what is in the future for America. His newest venture online is American Culture, which will help us recapture our American Heritage. Joe says ” This great country was built on a spirit of individual liberty and self-reliance.” Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones couldn’t agree more!

    Here’s the link to the podcast:   https://www.blogtalkradio.com/preppernationradio/2013/07/27/doom-and-bloom-hour-joe-the-plumber-interview

    Here’s Joe’s website:


    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy


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