• Doom and Bloom Hour:Jim Cobb Prepper’s Home Defense,Flu pt 1

    January 5, 2013 | Joseph Alton MD
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    On Today’s show Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy finish up part 2 of Sanitation in a survival situtation and discuss Influenza (the FLU) part 1. Our special guest is Jim Cobb, author of “Prepper’s Home Defense” and owner of survivalweekly.com. Join us as Jim shares sound advice to “protect your family by any means necessary”, and primarily how to AVOID confrontations and stay safe. Learn how to make a “fire straw” and how to reinforce your doors for very little money and they are both super easy projects. Nurse Amy will try to discuss her garden if time allows…lol!

    9pm EST or listen anytime after the LIVE show airs!

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    Nurse Amy

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